Who Are The Best Commercial Photographers In Melbourne?

We’re often asked who are The Best Commercial Photographers In Melbourne and we’re pleased to say that we’re usually at the top of the pile!

Man With A Camera Photography

While we have our specialist areas in which we’re the go-to photographers for clients such as industrial and manufacturing photography, we are also widely diversified in our experience, including event photography, corporate photography, lifestyle photography, awards night photography, conference photography and 360 virtual tour photography.

You’ll usually find us in the top three search results for commercial photographers in Melbourne, and we’re pleased to say that we’re in good company, rubbing shoulders with the best of the rest in Melbourne, who in no particular order we’ve listed below.

Guy Little Creative

Based in the Bayside suburb of Black Rock, Guy Little has been a professional photographer for 39 years photographing architecture, food, editorial, sport, scientific, macro, commercial, industrial, corporate, theatre and annual reports.

As well as being a highly regarded commercial photographer, he also offers photo restoration services and black & white film processing. 

Glenn Hester Photography

Glenn Hester, a seasoned commercial photographer, has dedicated himself to his craft since 2007, tirelessly working both in studio settings and on location, skillfully documenting the architectural marvels strewn across Australia.

Within the realm of construction photography and videography, Glenn has firmly established himself as a specialist, exhibiting time and again his knack for interpreting client briefs with precision and finesse. Consequently, he has become the preferred choice for numerous satisfied clientele seeking commercial photography services in Melbourne.

A pivotal aspect of Glenn’s prowess lies in his unique perspective, which enables him to discern the inherent beauty and elegance in the mundane. Amidst the hustle and bustle of construction sites, while others are engrossed in their tasks or overwhelmed by the chaos, Glenn effortlessly captures fleeting moments with impeccable timing and artistry.

Kristian Gehradte

Kristian is dedicated to maximising the potential of each shoot, meticulously attending to every detail. Engaging the client in the creative process is his preference, ensuring that every image crafted is one that resonates with the audience.

Kristian infuses his portraits with a sense of humanity, crafting enduring environmental compositions. His relaxed demeanour makes him a sought-after participant for large-scale productions. Collaborating closely with clients and agencies is fundamental to his approach, a facet of the process that brings genuine enjoyment to any project. At a moment’s notice, Kristian can assemble a top-tier team of creatives for a project.

His portfolio boasts vibrant, captivating imagery for some of the world’s most renowned brands, with much of this due to more than just his photographic skill.  A very impressive commercial photography portfolio.

IJ Productions

With a wealth of experience as a revered advertising and commercial photography firm, IJ Productions, headquartered in Melbourne, possesses insider knowledge of Victoria’s finest photography locales. From the bustling CBD to the serene outskirts, they specialise in delivering top-tier professional photography amidst Melbourne’s most captivating and diverse settings.

They align their expertise with your vision, meticulously selecting locations that best complement your concept and offer optimal potential for stunning imagery. Additionally, they provide bespoke studio photography services tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Swagger Photography

Led by a passionate photographer, Swagger Photography specialises in capturing the essence of your brand, ensuring that every image speaks volumes and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. 

At Swagger Photography, attention to detail is their hallmark. With an expert eye for composition and a commitment to excellence, they craft each photograph to tell a compelling story that resonates with a client’s target audience. 

What sets them apart is their dedication to convenience and flexibility, waving goodbye to the stress of coordinating complex photoshoots. 

With Swagger Photography, you can expect seamless professionalism and tailored solutions that cater to a client’s unique needs and preferences. Whether you prefer the dynamic energy of an outdoor setting or the controlled environment of our studio, they adapt their approach to suit your vision. From product photography that showcases your latest offerings to corporate headshots that exude professionalism, they pride themselves on delivering stunning visuals that elevate your brand identity. 

David Mullins

With a passion for portrait photography, landscapes, and architecture, David Mullins also offers 3D modeling and 3D printing services to create realistic prototypes for his clients, assisting in accelerating their business growth. Throughout his entire professional journey, he has remained committed to capturing, creating, editing, and continuously learning about photography to push his limits and consistently satisfy his clients. He firmly believes that photographs possess a universal language that resonates with the heart, drawing attention to the beauty that surrounds us within our own corner of the world. He sees an image as a blank canvas onto which he can imprint the most genuine, endearing, and delightful moments of life.

Having cultivated a keen interest in design, architecture, and 3D modelling from a young age, he has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to capturing life’s splendor in all its forms. Over the years, he has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of clients from various backgrounds. Whether it’s capturing the intimate connection in a couple’s portrait or crafting virtual renditions of animate and inanimate objects with breathtaking realism, he has curated an impressive portfolio that speaks volumes about his expertise and dedication.

Simon James

Not to be confused with Simon Woodcock from Man With A Camera Photography, Simon James infuses each photoshoot for his business clients with a distinct approach, and brings with him a wealth of experience in commercial photography

Whether immortalising the daily dynamics among a client’s staff and clientele or documenting your upcoming staff symposium or team-building event, Simon boasts the ability to illuminate the vitality and spirit of a business, its team, and its patrons.

This establishment of a visual connection fosters a rapport with an audience and prospective customers even before they step foot inside your premises, with their commercial shoots aiding clients in visually articulating the essence of their personnel, their enterprise, and their brand.

Have you ever asked yourself ‘What is commercial photography?

Whilst Man With A Camera Photography will undoubtedly be your first stop for a conversation about your Melbourne commercial photography needs, we also have some high quality and personal recommendations for professional commercial photographers in Sydney.

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