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christmas-party-photography-melbourneDo you photograph Christmas parties?

YES! We photograph all sorts of seasonal events and end of year festivities.  We also photograph end of financial year parties if your business is that away inclined!

Simon and the team at Man With A Camera Photography also photograph corporate events, expos, annual reports, international events, exhibitions and conferences; media calls, activations and product launches.

How much does a Christmas party photographer cost?

Pricing for event photographers in Melbourne is usually between $300 – $500 per hour, depending on the type of event, duration of event, number of guests, end use of images etc.

When requesting a Christmas party photography quote, give your photographer the following information for a speedy response:

  • Date & time of the party
  • Type of Christmas party eg. cocktail reception, sit down dinner, casual drinks
  • Details of any formalities such as speeches etc
  • Number of guests attending
  • Specific shots or general event photos
  • Any photos that may require off camera lighting or an assistant to help wrangle the troops

Hosting your own Christmas party or planning a year-end company event is not always easy, especially when the boss wants a few photos from the event and YOU’RE the unofficial photographer!

Getting help from a professional event photographer can lighten the load and help make sure you get to enjoy all your hard work while making your Christmas party a successful and memorable one. We’ve included a few tips to help your Christmas party photography a success!

Keep Your Guests Entertained

When hosting a party, one of your top concerns is if your guests will have an enjoyable experience. Nobody really wants to be hosting an event where people want to leave.

A photo booth is perfect for creating some camaraderie and generating a few laughs between colleagues. We guarantee that the photo booth will be the busiest spot by 10pm!

To keep the rest of the event out of the picture, you can set up a corner for themed photos and group shots. Better still, a green screen can take your visitors to a distant planet, while a photo booth can have quirky group remembrances.

Adding the ability to print pictures on the spot would make it absolutely sure that they’re not only going to have fun, but they are also going to remember it for the years to follow.

Creating a Stress-Free Event

Christmas parties are a time for fun, and everybody should have the chance to sit back and relax after a long year. Being in charge of organising an event is hard enough, and you should have your chance to relax too.

Even though you may know an aspiring photographer, you also want to ensure that all of your guests enjoy themselves, instead of worrying about getting the correct shot.

Employing an event photographer to cover your Christmas party can help lessen the burden. It also enables everybody to get the enjoyment that they deserve, plus, you are assured of a better outcome when there is a photographer dedicated to that job.

Avoiding Awkward Situations

In social events like Christmas parties, there are always those types of people who take the fun a little too far, especially if an open bar is involved.

However, letting your hair down does not have to end in a bad way or a trip to the HR department on Monday morning. The worse thing than having a bad hangover is to see a picture of yourself online that can ruin your public image or show you in an unfavorable light.

A professional photographer can help, if you want to make sure that what occurs at the Christmas party only stays at the Christmas party. They are going to be there to ensure that the pictures taken are only those showing your guests in a good light.

This also guarantees that there will not be any uncomfortable and awkward situations later on.

Professional Pictures That are Worth Posting Online

Although some go for disposable cameras or mobile phones to encourage their guests to snap precious moments, this seldom results in the way you were expecting it to. The pictures often get progressively worse as the night goes on! The very last thing you want is posting pictures showing you or your company in a less than flattering light.

Professional photography can help make sure that you will not get any blurry pictures. In addition, a professional corporate event photographer will give you a range of shots so you can avoid any awkward photos showing more messy leftovers than the actual people.

When sharing photo galleries with your staff, your event photographer will be able to supply a password protected gallery so that only staff members can access the photos.  No business wants it’s clients to stumble across photos of the staff letting their hair down when they are used to seeing a professional and carefully cultivated image of the business and it’s employees.

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