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Why Use a Professional Event & Conference Photographer?

When hosting a major corporate event or conference, working with self motivated and professional photographers helps alleviate some of the stress from the planning and ensures that you’ll receive high quality photography and video.

As experienced and professional conference photographers, we know how to capture your event for maximum exposure and impact.

We’ll photograph the general atmosphere, networking, venue setup, branding, key participants and speakers, and other images that may be useful for your social networks and annual reports.

We have worked at hundreds of events, photographing everybody and everything from guest wombats through to Prime Ministers and international celebrities so know how to work in an approachable and respectful manner.  We also work as discretely as we can to avoid disturbing your guests or disrupting the flow of an event.

Through our extensive experience with photographing expos and conferences in Melbourne, we know all the major event and conference venues like the back of our hands.

As regular photographers at the MCEC, MCG and Crown Conference Centre we have worked on events of all type at these venues so can answer any questions you may have when planning your conference.

We are also happy to offer logistical advice on room and stage set-ups that maximise the impact for photography and video so that you get the best from the conference as well as make recommendations for other Melbourne based suppliers such as videographers or corporate entertainers.

Impressing YOUR clients is just as important to us as impressing YOU, so you can rely on us to be respectful, friendly, professional and suitably attired for your event.

Do you have a list of photos you’d like to see?  We’re self starters when it comes to knowing what to photograph, but we’re always happy to receive a detailed brief to ensure that we capture everything you require.

Our Corporate Clients Include:

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