Commercial & Industrial Photography

Based in Melbourne and specialising in a range of corporate and industrial photography services, our clients range from ASX listed mining companies and government departments, food manufacturers, architects and construction companies through to specialist and niche service providers.

No matter the size of the company, our strong attention to detail is evident just as much on the smallest job at a corporate office as it is on a large 3 day shoot at our client’s DC or production facility.


What is Industrial Photography?


Having worked with hundreds of high profile business clients, one question we’ve been asked many times over the years is ‘What is Industrial Photography?’.

When using the word ‘industrial’ many people would assume that this particular photography niche would involve photographing large scale engineering or major infrastructure projects, but it overs photography in all businesses within the industrial sector.

The industrial sector now includes a wide range of business types from manufacturers and engineering companies to tech and innovation.

While you’ll still find us photographing businesses with large machinery such as factory production lines or tunnelling machines (which Melbourne has seen alot of recently!), we are increasingly being booked for photography at data centres and sites that house sustainable or innovative technology such as electric vehicle charging stations and solar farms.

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How We Create Engaging Industrial Photography


With our photography and your project, we create an engaging and authentic visual story, crafting images that you are able to use to increase brand awareness, illustrate annual reports and tender documents or engage social media users.

Our style of industrial photography has a fresh, vibrant and authentic feel, which coupled with a thorough photography brief and understanding of your business and project, provides aesthetically pleasing images with a solid technical structure which are effective in bringing your brand’s product or story to life.


Our industrial photography services cover all commercial, industrial, architectural, infrastructure and civil construction photography requirements including aerial drone photography and corporate portraits.

Photography plays a pivotal role in creating engaging and effective stakeholder communications, which is why we help you to create and maintain an individualised image library from which you can pluck quality photography as and when it’s required.

While on site we are also often updating staff headshots or creating in-field industrial portraits, using employees in action on their jobs to create a library of useful and authentic stock imagery that can be used for recruitment, EDMs, internal and external corporate communications and training manuals.

Using real staff in their everyday setting not only has a realistic feel to the photography, but staff often enjoy taking part in these sessions and we quite often find a natural model who is comfortable in front of the camera!

Our portable on-site lighting and can turn even the darkest warehouse into a usable photography studio.

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Quality Photography, Safety First

Within our photography we ensure that we demonstrate the required safety practices and equipment that keep your staff safe. Alongside this we abide by all site specific safety requirements to ensure a safe working environment for both the photographer and subjects.

Experienced with photographing construction sites, we have our own PPE safety gear and have completed numerous safety instructions in various industries. If you require us to complete a safety or training session prior to the shoot please mention this early in the planning so we can factor it into our schedule.

A thorough understanding of safety issues ensures the industrial photography we deliver demonstrates workplace best-practice and reflects the high priority placed on the safety of your business and it’s staff.

What You Can Expect When Working With Us

Experience. We know the numerous challenges involved with photographing in industrial environments, and are experienced in liaising with staff on the ground to organise the logistics of shooting on-site.

Clear Communication. We are regularly speaking with marketing and communications teams about their projects and how to bring them to life so if you need advice or have an unusual question, please get in touch!

Sound Investment.  We pride ourselves on a great value, high quality service with strong attention to detail. Photography is delivered on time and within budget.

Professional & Friendly Service. We like to keep things hassle-free and our clients happy!


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