Annual Report Photography

Annual Reports, along with professional looking websites and social media accounts, need professional and striking images in order to tell the story of the business and provide an insight into your business & it’s daily operations.

Professional photography to illustrate its history, people, services and products is one of the most important forms of communication with your shareholders and stakeholders.


Quality Corporate Photography Serves To Capture Interest And To Tell Your Story In An Instant.

Words, by themselves, often don’t have the ability to capture and interest readers in today’s fast paced world.  Anyone who has had to read a long, dry, photo-less annual report will attest to how boring the experience is!

Poor quality or badly selected images can just as quickly send the wrong message and create an annual report that hurts both the reader’s eyes and the brand!

Professional Photographers Know Your Requirements

Simon at Man With A Camera Photography is an experienced Annual Report Photographer based in Melbourne and very at ease being on location and capturing images of real people and real scenes – whether this be in an office, a construction site or in a factory!

A polite and professional photographer, Simon is used to working with people at all levels of a business; working fast to minimise disruption. You can trust in Simon’s experience, skills and training, with his friendly and assured manner to deliver quality images that portray your business in the best light.

Creative Corporate Photography

With years of experience and expertise in shooting creative corporate images for company annual reports, Simon works regularly with large blue chip corporate companies as well as smaller businesses to produce imaginative and eye-catching corporate photography.

The style of the photography for your annual report or publication can be varied according to personal preference either giving it a more lifestyle, photojournalistic or documentary feel, capturing the daily business activities of a factory or manufacturing facility as they happen with industrial photography or it can lean towards a more formal photographic style where situations are more set up and lit with portable studio lighting.

annual report photography

Corporate Photography Across Victoria 

Our photographers travel throughout Victoria and beyond to assist a broad range of businesses and associations with creating effective imagery.

While photographing for your annual report we can also start to create a library of images that you then own to use as unique stock photography for your company to use on websites, social media channels, internal communications, EDMs and advertising campaigns.

We Help Your Staff Feel Comfortable

When photographing staff, it is often beneficial to have more than one visit to your premises as they tend to loosen up once they have seen the photographer in action previously and perhaps had an introduction or a discussion about what they can expect on the day.

With nervous or hesitant staff, you’ll notice that we spend additional time chatting with them beforehand and during the photo session in order to put them at ease and get the most natural and genuine expressions or poses.  An extra 5 minutes spent relaxing subjects is usually time very well spent!

Create A Library Of Corporate Photography

Regular visits to company sites is a great way to create a large library of images that are always on-hand and ready to be used.  We now offer regular photography subscription packages where we visit one of your sites on a weekly or monthly basis to capture what’s new and keep your image library constantly refreshed and original.

You can provide your photographer with a shot list or a theme and we’ll take it from there to provide a batch of fresh and usable content that reflects your brand, without the stock photography clichés.

When the time comes to compile the annual report, you’ll have a vast trove of photography shot in a consistent style to select from rather than having to dash out and organise staff, rooms, machinery, offices and other locations.


What Can I Expect From An Annual Report Photographer?


Commercial Experience

We are experienced in producing industrial and commercial photography perfectly suited for annual reports, company brochures and social media channels.

Photography for your annual report is a great opportunity to project your corporate identity positively and confidently.

We Show Your Vision

Good corporate photography is more than just a record of what your business does.  It helps tell an authentic story of your business, to the public, your staff, potential investors and current shareholders.

Whether it’s an awards night, architectural photography of your corporate headquarters, or shots of a busy production line, we know that strong and memorable photography makes an impact.

annual report photography

Creative Quality

We’re self starters so feel free to give us the brief and leave us to it, or partner us with a staff member or designer and we’ll work our photography magic along with them. We ensure that staff and business operations are not disrupted in their day to day work, but still capture all the images that you need to make your business stand out in a crowd.

No Hidden Costs – Our Rates Are Competitive And Crystal Clear

We offer clear and unambiguous photography pricing to suit businesses of all sizes. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we’ll deliver your obligation-free quote instantly over the phone or within the hour via email.

Fast Delivery

We can supply your photography within days and can provide an expedited service if required.

Images That Work For You

The pictures you choose should not only convey the message you want them to give, but technically should be fit for purpose.Our extensive experience, high standard of image processing and free post production advice, will ensure your images look perfect every time!

Image Retouching

A full image retouching and Photoshop editing service is available if required.

Add a 360 Virtual Tour

360 Virtual Tour Photography & Video

While we’re on site, how about creating a 360 Virtual Tour or Interactive 360 Tour of your business?

360 Virtual Tours are incredibly useful for businesses who have customers or clients that visit their premises as they can view the site on Google Maps prior to visiting in person.

These virtual tours can be published and viewed by the public on your Google Business Listing, Facebook or embedded on your website or intranet so you have control over who sees them.

Many businesses have used virtual tours when onboarding new staff so they can become familiar with the layout of a building prior to starting a new position.

Attributes, details and links to text or websites can be added to make the experience fully immersive, interactive and useful!

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