Through their community investment program, CommBank is currently celebrating 25 years as supporters of the The Humour Foundation’s ‘Clown Doctors’, a national program that provides fun and laughter to over 20 hospitals around Australia.

Since 1999 the highly skilled Clown Doctors have worked in partnership with medical and healthcare professionals to alleviate stress and social isolation, improving outcomes and wellbeing in what can sometimes be a stressful and unfamiliar environment.

To launch the banks key fundraising initiative, Jimmy Rees was invited to be an honorary Clown Doctor for the day, following his red nose induction ceremony at Monash Children’s Hospital.

It was my pleasure to tag along for some event photos with Jimmy and the Clown Doctors, where Jimmy was constantly stopped for a chat by kids, parents, staff and anyone else who happened to be passing. I can’t think of many public figures who have such a broad appeal across all the age groups.

The way the Clown Doctors bring a dose of laughter and help brighten the day of patients and their families was lovely to see, in what must be incredibly testing times for many of the patients and their families.  You can support this worthy cause at

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Rewiring Australia

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