Communicating with staff in global businesses can be a tricky task, especially when the individuals are scattered around the globe in different time zones.

Many global businesses are now using ‘Town Hall’ style meetings and events to update staff on company results, request feedback and to foster a cohesive workforce mentality.


SAP are a global business with approximately 96,000 employees and is one such business that utilises a quarterly Town Hall event to help keep staff involved and updated on company performance and news.

July was Melbourne’s turn to host the Town Hall meeting with a live streamed event from their offices on St Kilda Road to the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.

Featuring staff from various departments the hosts and panel were filmed and photographed against a backdrop of the iconic beach boxes at Brighton beach in Melbourne’s south.

As with all the corporate events we photograph, we supplied a package of photos to the client which included behind the scenes activity, audience shots and the action on stage as it unfolded as well as some posed shots of the key staff members involved with the production.

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