We’re part way through our home and business electrification journey so it was encouraging to hear Rewiring Australia co-founder Saul Griffith confirm that we’re doing the right things when he presented at Melbourne’s Crown Conference Centre last week.

His book The Big Switch is worth checking out as it cuts through alot of the BS culture war nonsense that seems to permeate news stories around renewable technologies. Follow the link above for a free version of the audiobook!

Many news outlets seem to have trouble getting their heads around the adoption of renewable energy, electric vehicles and why we should be reducing our reliance on gas in Victoria so The Big Switch is quite refreshing in it’s no-nonsense approach.  It also has plenty of stats and charts for the nerds amongst us.

Having had solar panels on our roof for the last 14 years and paying bills that are a fraction of what my neighbours pay I can happily attest to the fact that small changes can make big differences to both the amount of energy consumed and the amount of dollars that stay in my bank account.

While we’re on the subject of electrification and upgrading technology, the conference centre at Crown has received some upgrades to it’s lighting which is great news as there were times previously where photographing events and conferences was like working in a murky cave!

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We're part way through our home and business electrification journey so it was encouraging to hear Rewiring Australia co-founder Saul Griffith confirm that we're doing the right things when he presented at Melbourne's Crown [...]

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