While Zoom and virtual events are all useful at times, and have been essential during the pandemic lockdowns, there is nothing quite like having your clients or business associates together in one place.

While I don’t need to list the numerous benefits of in-person events, the overall experience, in person conversations and networking opportunities for both delegates and event hosts is invaluable.

We all know of important business decisions and deals being made over a drink or a coffee, away from the main event.

A recent event we photographed where a large corporate brand brought together several hundred clients to experience a day of product demonstrations, seminars, networking and socialising, was hosted by Microsoft.

Hosted under their Business Forward banner, Microsoft took over two of the enormous sound stages at Docklands Studios, where the brand leaders used their keynote sessions to demonstrate new virtual reality products and outlined upcoming projects and products to help users improve their workplace productivity.

With the keynote presentations interspersed with seminars, breakout sessions and excellent catering, the event had more of a social feel to it.  Topped off with a sashimi bar and networking drinks at the close of the day it looked to me like the event had been a success.

Corporate events such as this often request event photography services in order to capture the event for EDMs and internal communications, sharing with clients and guests, record keeping should they wish to replicate the event in another state or country, for media releases and occationally and a small amount of social media use.

Whatever your reason for photographing your next event, we’ve years of experience in the world of business functions, conferences and corporate events so would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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