So there I was, pootling along the Nepean Highway in Cheltenham following a job photographing some corporate headshots in the city when I spotted the NBN jackets. Yes, we might be getting closer to that much discussed hook up that we’re all hanging out for.

Will it be the speedy connection that would be SO useful, or will it be the half arsed version that Mr Turnbull seems to prefer?


Well Malcolm, with my photography business I’ve learnt that sometimes I need to invest in decent and expensive equipment to build a profitable and useful business and that when you buy it cheap, you buy it twice! I think the same applies to the NBN – do it once and do it properly, not with some cheapo ramshackle mix of dated and new technology.

Spend the money now and be done with it old bean – it really is the only sensible outcome.

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Simon is one of Melbourne’s most sought-after event, editorial and corporate photographers, specialising in helping medium to large corporates, government departments, and the not-for-profit sector to connect with their audience, increase their exposure and amplify their message.
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